A Law Abiding Citizen Movie Review

A Law Abiding Citizen is a gripping thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx give outstanding performances in this film about a man who takes the law into his own hands when the justice system fails him. If you’re looking for a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller, A Law Abiding Citizen is a must-see.

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Law Abiding Citizen is a 2009 American thriller film directed by F. Gary Gray from a screenplay written by Kurt Wimmer. The film stars Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. The title refers to a citizen who follows the law.

The film was released in North America on October 16, 2009, and grossed over $70 million worldwide. The DVD was released on February 16, 2010, and earned an additional $32 million in revenue.

The Plot

Gerard Butler stars as a man who takes the law into his own hands when his family is murdered. The movie follows his descent into vigilante justice, and theThirysomething ( Kyra Sedgwick) who tries to stop him.

The movie is full of twists and turns, and keeps the viewer guessing until the very end. Gerard Butler gives an intense performance, and Kyra Sedgwick is believable as the woman torn between catching the killer and understanding his motivations.

A Law Abiding Citizen is a gripping thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

The Characters

As the story goes, we are introduced to a highly intelligent man named Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), who is an upstanding citizen and family man. We watch as his world is turned upside down when his wife and daughter are brutally murdered during a home invasion. The killers are caught, but the DA makes a plea bargain with one of them, leaving Clyde feeling betrayed by the justice system. When the killer is set free, Clyde takes the law into his own hands and exacts his revenge. But that’s not all – he has a much more diabolical plan up his sleeve for those who let his family’s murderers go free.

The other main character in the film is Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), the hot shot DA who made the deal with one of Clyde’s wife’s killers. Nick is ambitious and will do whatever it takes to win a case – even if it means cutting corners. As the movie progresses, we see how Clyde’s actions begin to take their toll on Nick both professionally and personally.

A Law Abiding Citizen also features a strong supporting cast, including Viola Davis asNick’s wife Lynn, Bruce McGill as Detective Dunnigan, and Michael Irby as Detective Perez.

The Acting

The acting in “A Law Abiding Citizen” is excellent. The movie features a great cast of actors, including Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, and Leslie Bibb. The acting is very believable and the movie is very suspenseful. The ending is very unpredictable.

The Direction

The direction by F.Gary Gray is gripping and intense, with the characters in almost every scene. This helps to keep the pace of the film going, as well as giving us a chance to see the relationships between the characters.

The Cinematography

The visually stimulating roller coaster of a ride that is “A Law Abiding Citizen” would not be nearly as effecting without the seamless and artfully blended elements of cinematography, set decoration, costuming, music, and editing. Every single scene contains some new creative way to keep the viewer’s attention locked on the screen until the final credits roll.

The Editing

The Editing of “A Law Abiding Citizen” was very good. The shots were very well done and the editing flowed very smoothly. I think that the editing was one of the strongest aspects of the movie.

The Music

The score for A Law Abiding Citizen was composed by Trevor Rabin and released on October 6, 2009. The music features an heavy use of orchestra and traditional film score elements. The main theme is based around a ticking clock, which reflects the race against time in the film’s plot.

The Production Design

One of the things that I enjoyed most about A Law Abiding Citizen was the production design. The film is set in Philadelphia, and the production team did an excellent job of making the city look dirty, gritty, and dangerous. The sets and locations were well-chosen, and the film’s cinematographer did a great job of capturing the city’s dark beauty. In particular, I loved the scenes set in the city’s abandoned train station. The production design added a lot to the film’s atmosphere and helped make it one of the most visually impressive films I’ve seen in recent years.

The Conclusion

“A Law Abiding Citizen” is a thought-provoking and suspenseful thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler both give outstanding performances, and the film’s twist ending is sure to leave you shocked. If you’re looking for a smart and suspenseful movie to watch, “A Law Abiding Citizen” is definitely worth checking out.

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